Understanding CNC Profile Cutters

Understanding CNC Profile Cutters

What really is a CNC profile cutter? This is a metal plate machine cutting tool that makes use of oxy-fuel cutting technology. An alternative to oxy-fuel in cutting through hard materials, particularly metals, is plasma.

CNC Plasma Kits Australia

The plasma cutting technology is originally intended for cutting materials that are not suitable for flame cutting, which includes high alloy steels and aluminum.  At present, the metal fabrication industry is utilizing this process for cutting low alloyed thin steels.

The Fourth State of Matter – Plasma

Primary education, we are taught that plasma is the fourth state of matter, and it is. Normally, most people know what three states are, namely:  solid, gas, and liquid. But there is also the 4th state, plasma.

In order for us to understand what the nature of plasma is, let us take for example the most common and abundant element, water. The three states of water are water in liquid form, it is ice when solid and steam when in the gas state. The determining factor between these states has something to do with the energy level that each state contain.

If we try to add energy to ice in the form of heat, it will melt and form another state, the liquid state, water. Again, if you will apply energy to water in the form of heat, it will boil up and form steam… which is the gas state of water. Once more, if we will subject steam to heat, the tendency of this gaseous state is to become ionized. The moment the ionization process rendered the gaseous particles to become electrically conductive, it is now referred to as plasma.

Utilizing CNC Profile Cutter Plasma to Cut Through Metal

In a plasma cutting process, the electrically conductive gas is utilized to transfer energy from the source of electrical power via a plasma cutter torch and then to the material/metal you are trying to cut.

The CNC Plasma Kits Australia is comprised of a power supply,  a torch, and an arc starting circuit. They are the system’s components and provide the ionization capability, electrical energy and process control required to come up with high-quality cuts on a wide array of different materials.

The power supply is a DC power source. As for the open circuit voltage, this may come in between 240 to 400 VDC.  The power supply amperage will determine the thickness of the cut and the speed of the system. Basically, the role of the power supply here is to supply the system with adequate amounts of energy required for maintaining the plasma arc past the ionization process.

As a high-frequency circuit generator, the starting circuit is capable of producing  5, 000 to 10, 000 volts of AC voltage at about 2 megahertz. Such amount of voltage can be utilized to produce high-intensity arc within the torch which will help ionize the gas, thereby creating the required plasma.

The function of the torch is to hold the consumables, particularly the electrode and nozzle, providing a cooling effect to them. The electrode and the nozzle constricts. They also maintain the produced plasma jet.

What are the Key Features of Plasma Cutting Technique

  • High  to low cut quality
  • Hardening within the part of the heated area zone
  • Metallurgical  surfaces are made perfect for welding purposes
  • Wide range of material
  • Medium heat input
  • Edge surface is smooth
  • Cutting speed is excellent

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Market Price of a Plasma Cutting Machine

With respect to the size,  type and features, a CNC profile cutters plasma cutting machines could fetch a market price anywhere from  $15,000 to a staggering $300,000. This is a big range indeed.

But if you will take around, the vast majority of plasma cutting machines being offered in the market today are well below the $100,000 mark.