Tips to Minimize the Cost of PCB Prototype Making

Electronic product designing especially for mass production can very tedious, as it involves risks and several procedures. The entire process can be very costly and time-consuming if not done right. Here are some tips to help you avoid errors during the process:


Use design software with simulation

Before you go for the production of your product in large volumes, you would want to see prototypes of it first. Once you are done designing your product and have finished your PCB design, then you can get started with making the prototypes. Take advantage of simulation capabilities that come with design software packages. Examples of these software packages are the industrial and the PCB layout. Design errors are avoided and reduced or even eliminated even before building the prototype by using the simulation.


Designing complex products

A modular design is ideal for use when designing a complex product. You can locate all the core functions in separate modules. You can swap modules when you are testing. It is more efficient and more cost effective than having to spin the entire design.

To save cost, you have the option to mount PCB components manually, depending on how complex the design is. However, this technique can take so much time especially when you are going to build several product prototypes. In this case, it is better to work with a manufacturer to do the assembly for you if you.


Small volume production

For a smaller volume production, the bulk of the cost is more on the production setup. Choose a subcontractor or manufacturer whose expertise is in building prototypes. This will help you reduce cost. In general, combining circuit boards of different customers is an effective strategy done by most PCB manufacturers. This way, the setup cost is shared among the customers.


Choosing the manufacturer

Choose a manufacturer who can also assemble the final product. This will enable you to reduce time to market because you avoided shipping times from different sellers for the components. You can repair defects on the circuit boards much more quickly. Choose also the supplier whom you can communicate easily, helping you avoid or prevent costly errors. This way also, production preparation times are shorten during the entire process, from PCB assembly to the final product assembly.

Choose also the company who can handle your production volume. This will also help you avoid mistakes than switching manufacturers. If you change from one manufacturer to another, there is a high possibility of mistakes because one manufacture may interpret the design in a different way. If you don’t have any experience in the PCB design, you may also want to choose manufacturer who also offers design services. They can help you perfect your design, as design professionals know how to spot mistakes on the design, which can be easily corrected even before the production.


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