Save Time with these 3D printing Sydney Tips

3D printing Sydney is considered as a great alternative to the majority of manufacturing processes. The possibilities of such a groundbreaking industry can be harnessed by taking some important steps. With these steps, you can get to the market faster and save more time when you are ordering parts.

Export CAD file as STL

In order for the 3D printer machine to build a part, your CAD file should be exported into an STL file. This file is made up of triangles that form the surface of the part, thus causing faceting of the model. Depending on the parameters that have been set up, the faceting may differ. Some of the common parameters that could affect the faceting of an STL file includes deviation, chord height, poly count, and angle tolerance. It is a must to prepare the file for the export with such to have in mind to make sure that design intentions and quality expectations are met.


Take a Look at the Design Guidelines

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to 3D printing is that the process is the same across various technologies and machines. But in reality, 3D printing Sydney involves a range of technologies with design considerations.


Post-Processing Options

When thinking about the piece, what comes into your mind? Is the surface smooth? With the size of the part need multiple assemblies and builds? If the component is a kind of prototype, does it require cosmetic finishing or is it capable of retaining its natural finish? Will the layer lines of the process affect the functions of the final parts? Make sure that all these questions will be answered before you proceed to the best steps.


Material Needs

It is usually a fast decision when selecting the category of materials for your product. However, many of them can be bogged down by complex considerations when choosing materials based on the benefits, as well as all related to it.

Expert Advice

One of the best ways to speed up the process, especially for those who have no experience with such technology, is to talk to experts. It will be very helpful if you have people with you who are well- equipped and knowledgeable about the different 3D printing solutions that could help bring your intended product to life.

Also, you can talk to qualified project engineers while you are in the stage of uncovering the best technology for the product or when you are doing some research.

Indeed, technology has changed the world and greatly affected our lives in so many ways. In fact, it has made our lives better and works are done easier. But at times, technologies can be very overwhelming. But, do never let the complexity of such a revolutionary industry to slow down whatever project goal you have. By simply following the things above, you will be well on your way to fast and quality printed parts.