Fire Cabinets Provide A Higher Level of Safety

Fire Cabinets Provide A Higher Level of Safety

In most business establishments, fire cabinets play a significant role. This is basically because of their features that are highly secured. Although the majority of corporate offices aim to have paperless transactions and depend on digitized data, no one could really do away with paperwork. Therefore, having a fireproof cabinet is a must in different businesses and very useful in disaster management. Although it may look like a normal cabinet, fireproof cabinets function a whole lot differently.

Keep and Protect Valuable Documents

Many businesses commit the mistake of keeping their important contracts, deeds, financial documents, confidential company records, etc. in a regular filing cabinet. However, the truth is that such a cabinet will just prevent unauthorized access. At the same time, it can help keep your important documents in an organized way. But it is not capable of protecting these documents in the case of fire. Investing in fire cabinets would mean that your valuables will be secured and safe as they are designed and tested for fireproof security.

Avoid Damage

When storing cabinets in a normal cabinet, the paper inside could ignite in case of high compression. The compression in a normal cabinet rises quickly as steel is an excellent conductor of heat. As a result, although the cabinet may not get damaged in case of fire, the contents can be totally destroyed.

On the other hand, a fireproof cabinet has a double-walled steel body. Its hollow space is also packed with a unique fire-resistant compound that has hydrate like alum or gypsum that when heated immediately releases water vapor.

Some of this vapor is channeled into the interior of the cabinet in order to create a pressure-seal against the outer heat of a fire and to control the temperature. The back, top, front, and base of the door controls the humidity and pressure levels. This lets the steam escape into the fire. Such features help reinforce the fire-resistance of the safe. In case of a fire outbreak, the features would guarantee that every gap is sealed.

Additional Benefits

The majority of fireproof cabinets come with high-quality digital locks, access controls, and locking bolts. Every drawer is also protected for fireproof filing. This would mean that the documents are well-protected even if the drawer is left open in the case of fire. These are the features that you will never see from a normal cabinet.

Protecting the most important things in a facility should always be a priority. When a fire happens, everything can be gone in seconds or minutes. Thus, having a fireproof cabinet is a must to make sure that they are protected. Do not let something bad to happen before you realize the use and benefits of such cabinets. Have it now before it’s too late.

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